ESA Survey: Male/Female Gamer Ratio is 60/40; Average Age is 35

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13 Responses to ESA Survey: Male/Female Gamer Ratio is 60/40; Average Age is 35

  1. James says:

    Don’t you mean 40% of all gamers are “Supposedly” females?

  2. Sex Sells | says:

    […] 40% of gamers are female, and the average age of the gamer is 35.  Study results can be found here.  Of course this is most likely not taking into effect hardcore gamers.  The term […]

  3. Really says:

    Really? I don’t buy it.
    I play on Xbox LIVE every day, several hours a day, and from what I’ve seen, average gamer age is about 15.
    Male/female distribution is more like 90/10.

    The other thing… I didn’t get this survey, nor did anyone I know. I also posted this link in several gaming forums, where hundreds of people replied, no one ever filled out any gaming survey. So who was surveyed? Obviously not hardcore gamers. Did the surveyors go and sit at a mall and survey all the parents buying their kids games?

    I call utter BS on your numbers.

  4. John Rice says:

    @Really: Ipsos MediaCT’s numbers, not mine. Representative sampling and statistical extrapolation probably accounts for why you and your friends were never surveyed.

    Your screed reminds me of the anecdote following a presidential election, when someone said, “I don’t know how he won. Nobody I know voted for him.”

  5. DK says:

    @really Of course you’re seeing 90/10. Do you think in an environment where female players are virtually gang banged, sexually harassed, and bombarded with racist and homophobic slurs that they’d reveal themselves? I play Xbox Live every day too and you’d never recognize me as a 28 year old female because I will never let you know.

  6. […] up a larger percentage of gamers than boys under 17 (33% to 18%) – Female to Male ratio = 40/60 ESA Survey: Male/Female Gamer Ratio is 60/40; Average Age is 35 Educational Games Research which ever way you look at it , still alot of females playing games @_@ More so then males under […]

  7. Reality says:

    come on people, taking this a little to far. No Questionire will be accurate as if you question 100 people, the chances of finding any gamers willing to want to do a questionaire will be dramaticlly low. so this website is wrong, also the boy “Really” is wrong and “DK” is very wrong. the fact that she has brought up the fact of race and gender into this conversation is lame.

    There is a higher propotion of male gamers. No debate
    In this case the facts are wrong.
    But dont whine about it.

    Its just gaming


    • John Rice says:

      No one denies there are more male players. But 40% female seems a reasonable number, based on current research from respectable firms. This is across all game types, not just the “hardcore” latest titles.

    • NC says:

      “…“DK” is very wrong. the fact that she has brought up the fact of race and gender into this conversation is lame.”

      Wait, correct me if I’m wrong, but I clearly see gender being displayed in this survey’s heading so I don’t see anything deemable as “lame” in DK’s comment as far as mentioning gender goes. And she’s not wrong either. Just because you haven’t experienced harassment playing games online soley based on your gender doesn’t mean SHE hasn’t. Women DO have terrible online game-playing experiences because of those immature male gamers who end up trolling them and asking for sexual favors. It happens whether or not you notice or acknowledge it. DK’s not wrong at all. Majority of female gamers will never admit to being female gamers…it’s common knowledge.

    • DK says:

      It has everything to do with race and gender. Why wouldn’t I bring it up? Try turning your headset on and let me know what you hear.

  8. Concerned Gamer says:

    I completely agree with DK i am a male age 20 and my girlfriend used to play on my account so i decided to get her one. on my account she didnt hear any insults when she would have a good game, on her own account she is usually called a fat lesbian or some kind of variation. If you dont believe its true go out and spend the 10 bucks on a new xbl account or create a new PS3 account that is a girls name and just listen to what people say. As for 40% of women playing games, its feasible, just because men dont hear women play doesnt mean they arent playing. And as one male gamer speaking to all other male gamers, dont give a girl crap for playing a game. Swallow your pride when you lose and just say good game

  9. for real says:

    keep in mind this is educational video games not fun ones normal people play

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