Playing with Frogs and Virtual Dissections

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  1. […] John Rice added an interesting post today on Playing with Frogs and Virtual Dissections.Here’s a small reading:In the latest edition of US News & World Report, Lucia Graves has an article dealing with virtual frog dissections. I’m familiar with, and their CD offering. Graves pointed out several other products such as, … […]

  2. […] SL article is by Lucia Graves, who wrote an article I discussed in October 2007 on dissecting virtual frogs. Graves interviews Jeremy Kemp over at San Jose State’s SLIS, opening the story with an anecdote […]

  3. This is the most awesome website ever. I learned ever so much from it. Maybe ill do my science fair project on this. Thank You So Much!

  4. I love this place. It rocks my sox…! School play today! Be there or be sqare

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