Educational Uses for the Nintendo DS

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  3. Chuck Palmer says:

    My 8 year-old son is an exceptional reader, thinker and DS game player, but has a serious hand writing problem. Any idea how i can acquire handwriting training software for the DS? I would love to leverage his gaming interest to help him.


  4. John Rice says:

    Hi Chuck. I don’t know of a handwriting game, per se, but I do know that my kids like playing with my tablet PC. They spend a lot of time doodling and handwriting messages in Microsoft’s OneNote. Perhaps handwriting on virtual notebook paper could be turned into a sort of game for your son somehow.

    You might have better luck finding workbooks that focus on handwriting, especially for those with grapho dyslexia. Try this site:

    I know it’s a “practice makes perfect” kind of thing. Hopefully you can find a way to make his practice fun.

    Best regards,

  5. Peggy says:

    For handwriting frustrations, “HANDWRITING WITHOUT TEARS” Program is very helpful, and Occupational Therapy–often covered by insurance.

    I also like the Gettys Italics out of Portland Oregon.

    I know part of my sons handwriting issues have been because he chooses to think, read and play games –instead of write–along with poor instruction in Kindergarten and first grade. A trained or self educated teacher is helpful. I think handwriting is becoming more of a problem with computer technology..

    Seriously, look at the HWT and use it yourself and or try to get him in a program.
    An OT assessment might be useful.


  6. Mac Gardner says:

    Any tech that get kids involved and learning is a good thing. by using the tings they know they participate more.

  7. Omer Altay says:

    Like Mac said, using something kids are familiar with and like using to learn is the best approach.

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  11. John Varkley says:

    Actually this could work really well. Kids would LOVE using the nintendo DS’s touch screen, so it would be sort of like an actual game + Kids could learn a lot.

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